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This rainy December day marks the end of my first year back in the chocolate production business after a few years off teaching baking & writing. Some things have changed! Many, many more artisans going bean to bar. I don't work bean to bar myself - I'm all about confections - but I've sampled some very delicious products from companies like AMANO in Utah. More chocolate shows. More health news, more "spin", more single origins and high percentages, more daring flavor combinations and certainly more expertise with transfer sheets and colored cocoa butter techniques amongst us chocolatiers. My break through this year was in new packaging (food safe gift boxes with see-through lids which are easy to ship), new techniques (air brushing & cocoa butter spraying! Fun!) and more internet marketing (very hard to do with chocolate on your hands). I'm attending a workshop at the Barry-Callebaut Academy in January for technique, research and passion - those things which seem to motivate so many of us. Happy Holidays to all who read this and may they bring you much chocolate. Susie @ HAPPY CHOCOLATES

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Comment by Megan Hardgrave on January 8, 2009 at 6:07pm
Dear Susie,

I just read your post about your chocolate business and since you are all about confection, I thought you might be interested in what my company ,Collectible Profiles,Inc. does for chocolate . I am also a fellow member and have bloged some .

My company Collectible Profiles has developed a line of chocolates called”Profiles in Chocolate” for Presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln to surprise and delight your customers. Our beautifully detailed candy molds produce a chocolate 3-D sculpture of either John F. Kennedy Profile or Abraham Lincoln Profile (hair, cheekbones, beard, ECT) in a finely detailed 3-D dimensional chocolate image.
Collectible Profiles mission is making American History come alive for others!
We want to sell our Abraham Lincoln & John F. Kennedy “Profiles in Chocolate” ™ candy molds and packaging to Happy Chocolates for your use in manufacturing and selling these wonderful profiles for your guests at any upcoming Party or Event !

Right now there is an increased general public interest in President Abraham Lincoln as the 200th anniversary of his birth is cormemorated and celebrated on February 12, 2009! The U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission Created by Congress in 2000 is charged with planning a fitting and proper celebration of President Lincoln’s birth. Their website

Happy Chocolates has the opportunity to help celebrate the Lincoln Bicentennial with our Abraham Lincoln Profile “Profiles in Chocolates “! The historical accuracy ,and beautifully detailed artwork ,and the concept of the Lincoln Profile in Chocolate ™ have been personally and enthusiastically approved by the leading Lincoln Historians: Harold Holzer—Co chairman of the U.S Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission & Hon. Frank J. Williams—Rhode Island Supreme Court Chief Justice and member of U.S. Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission. Eileen McCormack of Dupree Catering of Lexington, KY said “These Lincoln Molds are fantastic, highly detailed and beautifully done”

Eight Reasons Your Customers will buy Lincoln/Kennedy Profiles!
1. Your customers are seeking specialty products tied to Abraham Lincoln/John F. Kennedy!
2. Your customers want something different! This is a Fresh, new product-both the candy mold and packaging!
3. Your customers want to give a gift that is only available in shops like yours!
4. The public instantly recognizes these Profiles of Lincoln/Kennedy-for the Lincoln it reminds them of the penny! It is historically accurate!
5. The gift packaging is innovative and unique! Crystal clear CD cases showcase the Lincoln/Kennedy against a patriotic background and suggest a framed cameo. Both children and adults will love it!
6. The beautiful, detailed profile of Lincoln/Kennedy features museum quality sculpture in chocolate! People say “It’s almost too beautiful to eat!”
7. As a souvenir –a mini biography of Lincoln/Kennedy is featured on the back of the CD for a memento long after the chocolate has been enjoyed!
8. This 4”x4” of chocolate is an irresistible impulse buy!
Five Ways to Boost Sales with Lincoln/Kennedy Profiles
1. Make profiles in your choice of chocolate-white chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate and display the Profiles in your glass case! What an eye catcher!
2. Package the Profiles in the profiles in the Collectible Profiles ™Patriotic Gift CD Package for higher unit profits!
3. Sell and/or cater to local museums, hotels, and bed and breakfasts, as unique candy or dessert! Imagine a Lincoln/Kennedy Profile inserted in a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Or drizzling red, white, or blue sauce on a plate –then placing a Lincoln/Kennedy Profile in the center to Wow your guest!
4. Get free advertising by showing a new product!
5. Want to be the talk of the town, use these unique Profiles for special Events/Holidays!

If you are interested, in seeing our chocolates please contact us for more specific details at phone (972)492-2214 or e-mail

Megan Hardgrave, President
Comment by Susie Norris on January 4, 2009 at 10:40am
Will do!

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