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I ‘d love your comments and feedback on Chocolate Mold designs.

Greetings Chocolatiers!

I ‘d love your comments and feedback. My name is Catherine Failor and I’ve been designing soap and garden molds for 12 years ( and Chocolatiers regularly contact my soap mold site, asking if soap molds work for chocolate. This has me wondering if there would be room on the market for a new line of chocolate molds. Seems as if a lot of chocolate mold designs I see are rather tired and outdated looking.

The photos here are “rough drafts” of some possible mold motifs. Here is where I can use your help.
1. Name your three favorite designs.
2. Name your three least favorite designs.
3. Would you pay approximately $8 for an 8-9 cavity mold made of very durable plastic, good for many pours?
4. Would you like to see more breakaway bar molds than are currently on the market now?
5. What motifs would you personally suggest that aren’t on the market?

Thanks very much for your time, I appreciate it.

Best wishes, Catherine Failor

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Comment by Dori on October 23, 2010 at 7:08am
Personally I like C and H very much...A and B the least i like...the rest can be still a good design to market. I guess the price for mold is very reasonable to pay. I dont know if they would cost more since these are custom made for you. Well done

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Comment by Robyn Dochterman on October 12, 2010 at 10:16pm
My feedback is probably more general than you would like, but hopefully, it will still be of some use to you. I love your soap designs. The animals and animal faces are wonderful and I think they would be very popular. Additionally, your cut flowers are fantastic. And I see you have many honeybees. I personally would be exceptionally interested in several of those, and yes, I'd pay what you suggest.

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