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When I recently wanted to blog about a Amsterdam-based bean-to-bar chocolate maker I realized that I never properly introduced 'bean-to-bar' on my own blog.

Now I finally made a brief drawing to roughly illustrate the process from tree to chocolate with a focus on the flavor developing steps (which is: fermentation, roasting, conching). Hard to hide my science background I guess... ;)

On my blog post about chocolate making you can also find a higher resolution version of the illustration. Hope you like it. Since so many chocolate making experts are sitting here: Let me know if you find some major misconceptions or have any other type of suggestions! Thanks.

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Comment by Melanie Boudar on August 9, 2014 at 1:59pm

This is a very nice poster. Would you like to print and sell some reprints? Only think I would have done is keep line 2 left to right as thats the way we normally read.

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