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 While going through the research for the most favourable destinations for cocoa plantations and also the suppliers of cocoa to produce good quality chocolate,i came across this wonderful article from the Buisness Standard India for which the link is provided below.

  What pleased me immensely after reading the article was to see India emerging as a high quality cocoa   producer and providing for the demand as well.

At the International Confectionary Fair in Cologne (Germany) Chocolate Stella's Indian version of a 70gm bar with 72 percent of high quality cocoa was released globally.The whole event was called" INCREDIBLE INDIA", where this exquisite high quality Swiss dark chocolate produced with cocoa coming from India was launched .  How amazing it is that a Swiss company is importing cocoa for the manufacturing of chocolates?

   The credit goes to the sustainable project undertaken by chocolate stella and their continuous support to IOFPCL(Indian Organic Farmers Producer Company Limited) based in the southern state of india ,kerela ........."gods own country".

  Because of this Swiss-Indian joint venture the cocoa growers in Kerela will be finally recognised for their efforts and hard labor.The Fair Trade certification will also ensure better revenues and improved working & living envoirnment for the farmers.


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Comment by Clive Brown on March 25, 2012 at 9:37am
Hi Pooja I am in India looking at the same idea, what I have learned is that demand outstrips supply here and will continue to do so. We are looking at ways to move cacao production along. Email me at weshould talk! Best regards Clive

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