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Making Cocoa Paper- "From Pulp to Paper"

It's true, cocoa paper is made by hand using traditional methods.

A team of 6 make an astounding 40,000 sheets of cocoa paper a month! We have many more skilled paper makers eagerly waiting to join our team and double or even triple that number if sales increase.

Watch this short video to learn how cocoa paper is made.

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Comment by Loretta on March 14, 2012 at 7:32am

Hi Kate,
I 've some question about cocoa paper. I'm working to open an ecological chocolate workshop in Italy and I'm now choosing the material for my packaging. I would like to know if the cocoa used for paper production is organic and also if I can use cocoa paper for aliments.

If both the answers are affirmatly, I would like to know if CSI sells only finshed products or also sheets of paper.

Thank you!

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