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So, I went to Max Brenner in Philly for the first time, today. I decided I'm going to try to review what I have their. That way I can keep track (have something new every time), learn about chocolate, and feel like I have a good excuse to spend that much money on food.

I ordered an italian thick hot chocolate. It comes in one of their hug mugs (that doesn't have a handle, and is more wedge-shaped than round). I expected it to be really thick, like sipping chocolate (basically a melted chocolate bar), but it wasn't. It was thicker than regular hot chocolate, but I think that was due more to the cream in it.

I got the milk chocolate (other choices were dark, and white). It came very hot, but I was able to sip it with my spoon. Very smooth, warm flavor, that reminded me of chocolate pudding cake straight from the oven. Know how chocolate baked goods have that different flavor when they're hot enough to give you a severe burn? It had that quality, which I enjoy thoroughly.

But I was so excited to try using the hug mug for what it was designed for. After being burnt once or twice (I have a lower tolerance for heat than most people), it was finally cool enough that I didn't have to hold it on the wedge-shaped plate it came on. So, I sipped the warm, creamy drink, and was happy with the result.

Though it wasn't the most chocolaty drink, I thought it was very pleasantly flavored. If I try the italian thick hot chocolate again, I'll go for the dark, to see if it has stronger flavor.

For about $6 plus tip, I thought it was worth the try.

What next? Maybe the truffle, I'm not certain yet.

Has anyone else had this? What did you think about it? Is there something out there that's like this, only better? Share your thoughts! Blogs are no fun without comments!

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Comment by Anna Thomas on August 8, 2013 at 10:45am

Dee, can you ball park me the ounces for the $6 cup of sipping chocolate you tried at Max Brenner's?

Comment by Dee on March 7, 2010 at 5:07pm
Ah! Well, that makes a lot more sense! It explains a whole lot. Thank you for the info, it would have taken me many visits to figure that out on my own.

Back to Naked Chocolate Cafe. I wonder if I can get there on the train...

Does that mean I should avoid all chains if I want the best chocolate?

Do people on this website usually shy away from chocolatey things that are not very much chocolate, like Oreos, and things of that nature? Because I can accept that Oreos may not have much chocolate content (I'm really just guessing at that), I still find them to be pleasing to eat.
Comment by Mark J Sciscenti on March 7, 2010 at 12:51pm
Hi Dee, Sorry you had to go to Max Brenner. That company is a marketing concept by two guys who really don't know anything about chocolate. I went into their store in NYC and was... well, quite disgusted... Sugar, corn syrup, and artificial ingredients is not my idea of chocolate... And $6 is steep for something that is not real chocolate.

Try a small locally owned chocolate shop and ask for samples first before buying.


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