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Today’s humidity and haze  have created a gloomy and nostalgic atmosphere. Thanks to a byte of chocolate I got back my smile just to enjoy a healthy afternoon of relax.
Looking into my “magic chocolate box" I could find a bar of chocolate with ginger flakes, very tasty and fragrant and eating it reminded me of some chocolates purchased in November at the Cioccoshow, precisely atthe stall of Il Mondo delle golosità” (Gluttony world), a chocolate / pastry place from Lido di Jesolo(Venice). The chocolates that  conquered me were cinnamon hearts. Besides being beautiful, they were also very delicious, creamy and delicate. I firstly bought one for my afternoon  coffee  and the next day I came back to buy a whole bag. After the hearts I tasted all the different types of chocolate baskets. I also liked the baskets eggnog, pistachio ones and those with                        
the cremino, but most of all the chocolate balls with champagne. This last one is very special and the taste does not disappoint.
At this point I can’t wait for spring to have a nice trip to the Lido di Jesolo and venture in the “Mondo delle golosità”.

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