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Mystery, Myth, and Facts of Chocolate Health Benefits

This blog post is for three purposes:
(1) We request your help. What questions do you have around this issue? What would you like our panel of experts to respond to? Please post them here.
(2) We wish to let you know about an upcoming educational program sponsored by The Fine Chocolate Industry Association ( on January 16, 2010 in San Francisco at the Hotel Nikko.
(3) This program is one of a few activities planned for the 16th and we invite you join us for our entire event (see more details under the EVENTS section of this site or email us at

Our Educational Program explores the Mystery, Myth and Facts of Chocolate Health Benefits.
There’s a lot of information out there; good, bad, and in-between. Our panel of chocolate experts will help us makes sense of it all, discuss the physiological and psychological benefits of chocolate, and answer your questions. We plan to compile the information into a 2010 “state of the union statement” on health and chocolate and share that information on the public pages of our website. (we'll also post a link here after the event so you can find the information more easily).

Our Panelists include:
* Clay Gordon;, will talk about the dangers of over-promising and under-delivering on health claims made for chocolate; specifically - using ORAC numbers as the basis for claims.
* David A. Stuart: Director, Natural Product Sciences; The Hershey Company, will share news about their ongoing and latest chocolate health benefit studies.
* Catherine Kwik-Uribe, PhD and research scientist for Mars has authored and co-authored numerous articles on cocoa flavanols and their health benefits; she'll share her expertise and help clarify information on this topic.
* Joan Steuer; FCIA Member and president of Chocolate Marketing, will talk about the psychological health benefits of chocolate.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is an amazing panel. I personally can't wait for this spirited and lively discussion (audience participation is encouraged) as we sort through what's real and what's not! So, please help us make the conversation richer and contribute your questions!

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Comment by Stan Phillips on January 22, 2010 at 9:25am
Sounds like it was a great show which I would have attended. Is there any publication resulting from the meetings? Please keep me posted on the progress of the Mystery, Myth and Facts of Chocolate Health Benefits.

Stan Phillips

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