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Opening the Cacao and Chocolate Museum in Cusco, Perú

For two months now, Clara Isabel and I are in the fantastic city of Cusco, Perú.

Our objective is to open the new cacao and chocolate museum in this city.

For almost 1 month we looked for the perfect place to install this museum. We finally found a great place in the center of Cusco, on the wonderful Plaza Regocijo.

We now have 3 to 4 weeks before opening the museum and we are in the most interesting part: Cacao sourcing. We went to Quillabamba (6 hours away from Cusco) in the jungle to work with some cooperatives. We are now waiting for the cacao to arrive in Cusco and to start preparing our own artisanal chocolate.

We also work with different artists in the region and in the sacred valley to prepare some souvenirs and art pieces for the museum.

We hope to be opening between the 14th of february and the end of february.

Please check our website: to have all the information about this future place to exchange about Chocolate in Peru

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Comment by Gretchen Tartakoff on January 29, 2011 at 3:14pm
Bravo! What a great way to spread the word about 'The World of Chocolate' .

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