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Our humorous guide to win chocolate awards

I am probably going to get in trouble again for this but i could not resist...

For those planning to enter the Academy of chocolate awards 2010, here's our guide to winning:

1. Enter all your products, every single one of them, in all possible categories.

2. Enter any product that has previously won award every year. Why quit when you are winning?

3. Make special batch with the most expensive couverture and the shortest shelf life; you don't actually need to sell these exact products. No one will know.

4. Use chocolate from a manufacturer sponsoring the organisers. Amedei would be a good choice

5. Become a member of the Academy and make sure your PR helps organise the awards

6. If this fails, a special award, mysteriously not based on any scores, can always be created for you

7. If all fails, form your own chocolate critic group with your friends and suppliers and create your own awards to give to each other!

This is of course a joke, isn't it?

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Comment by Robert Shea on February 16, 2009 at 8:40pm
I'd like to nominate Artisan for a special award for "Changing the way people think about chocolate awards." (and the fact that I've been bought off with a tonka bar has nothing to do with any of this)

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