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Although devoid of those grand and fancy eye candy decors its sheer simplicity makes you more focused on the essence of what chocolate is.  A centerpiece of chocolate display but it was a cornucopia of  the festival's uniqueness with their emphasis on organic cacao products and highlighting local artisan chocolatiers.

Impressive was the effort that couple Alex and Jessica of Choco Locco Gourmet of Chocolate have put together to organize the Philippine Chocolate Festival. I am happy that there are individuals crazy enough to showcase the talents of budding artisan chocolatiers and cacao growers.  And make the public understand the effort of farmers to produce cacao and the talent and love of artisan chocolatiers and chefs to produce nice chocolates and dishes and drinks with chocolate. Participants like students from Rizal and the public in general benefited a lot from those talks and presentations and the many chocolate trivia and facts that were shared.


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