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I am never a big fan of science fiction movies; many of them are full of fancy and conjecture. I would prefer to watch something that was based more on scientific fact.

But I have changed my point of view lately. With the help of great graphic designers and advanced technology, Sci-fi movies have transformed into art (Maybe not just Sci-fi, some dramas are the same, for instance, “The Great Gatsby”). They are all beautifully made with stunning special effects, sound that would take over your brain, and spectacular panoramas.

I care less about the Sci-fi story, and more about enjoying the artistic composition. Now, for me, the experience of watching Sci-fi movies is just like taking a museum tour!

You might agree with me as well if you allow me to share the video clip below.

Martine Villeneuve is the filmmaker of the Canadian sci-fi “Mars et Avril”. Here is his Ted talk: How I made an impossible film.


Inspiring Quotes from Villeneuve:

  • “…big creative constrains can boost creativity.”
  • “People have a tendency to see the problems rather than the final results …”
  • “… if you start to deal with problems as being your allies rather than your opponents, life will start to dance with you in the most amazing way.”
  • “So if you don't have money to offer to people, you must strike their imagination with something as nice as you can think of.”

That’s very true! There has never been a free lunch; opportunities are everywhere, but only for those who are prepared for them!

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Comment by Clay Gordon on June 9, 2013 at 12:25am

Emay -

I am sorry, but what has this got to do with chocolate? There may be some connection between chocolate and creativity in the film, and if so I'd like you to let members know what it is. 

This is not a film review/blog site. It's TheChocolateLife, and I ask that all posts have some connection with chocolate.

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