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Today was a beautiful sunny day... unexpected since the forecast expected snow. After a good run, I treated myself in a good way, with an american coffee, a chocolate muffin and a piece of chocolate with blackberry and ginger, which I bought at Cioccoshow. This particular chocolate comes from Belgium, a land dedicated to the production of chocolate. I like to eat this type of chocolate in the middle of the day because the taste of blackberry and ginger leave me a nice flavor in my mouth. Along with this tablet of blackberry and ginger I bought another one flavored lemon and pepper ... just special and tasty it’s definitely more spicy. These chocolates are produced by a Belgian company called Kim's chocolates whici is based in Tienen, Belgium, a town about 31 miles from Brussels. 
The company started in 1987 thanls to Mr. Fons Maex and over the years has developed keeping on believing in the passion for chocolate. Today the firm employs 100 people. The bars under the brand Cachet, of course are not the only product ... there are also pralines, and stuffed tablets that are sold under the name of KC Chocolatier
All the chocolate manufactured by Kim's chocolates is done according to the Belgian tradition and the ingredients are carefully selected and it’s strictly prohibited the use of preservatives and genetically modified agents. 
I must say I am very happy to have tasted chocolate by Kim's chocolates and even if we talk about an industrial manufacturer there is no doubt about the quality of the product. On the site there are also some nice videoshowing the production.. and even if it’s not as charming as the laboratory one, it is interesting to see how the chocolates are produced in large scale. 

Have fun!

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