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just wanted to let you all know that tcho moved their new 99% bar out of "beta" and is selling it at the full bar size (58gram). online it's 2 bars for $11

so the thing is - this stuff is special. i have tried 99% many times and actually used to eat the scharfenberger 99% although it was borderline in terms of being palatable eaten plain. but this tcho bar really has beaten down the bitterness and let the real flavor come through with no sugar. i don't know how they did it but it's really surprising.

i enjoy chocolate but i don't like how the refined sugar makes me feel. usually i'm eating such a small amount that it's not a big deal. but to have the full chocolate flavor with no bitterness and no sugar is great. I have tried chocolate sweetened with brown rice syrup and it's pretty good. other 'diabetic' chocolates that i have tried are gross. 

anyway i do want to disclose that i work on their website but i am not an employee and get no benefit from sales or commissions or anything like that. i just like their products.

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