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Hello friends,

I am in search of  buying a continuous tempering machine. I short listed  Selmi & FBM machines. Both the machines uses a different technologies to temper the chocolate.  

What is the finest  method of  temper the chocolate

 1. Tempering the chocolate  with a gas system  

2. Tempering the chocolate with  water cooled jacketed system

thanks in advance for the reply.

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Comment by Clay Gordon on August 19, 2013 at 1:18pm

The advantage of circulating the refrigerant gas over cooled water is in the reaction time of the system.

If you circulate the refrigerant gas, the time it takes to to affect the temperature of the cooling pipe is very short: you can cool the gas in moments and start pumping it.

When you are circulating chilled water you need to chill the water first and then pump it. Depending on how much water there is to cool and the capacity of the cooling system it can take much, much, longer to effect the temperature change you are looking for.

A system that recirculates refrigerant gas will be able to keep the temper set-point temperature within a much narrower range using less energy and be able to react to changes in the environment faster than a system that circulates cold water should be able to.

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