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Hello to all fellow choclatiers/chocoholics and everyone else

I am an engineer by profession, with a new found passion for chocolates. Yes, I am in the business for a while but the desire for chocolate, the willingness to pursue and subsequently differentiate between different kinds of chocolates has been a very recent phenomenon. Maybe this is the reason I have also been gaining a few extra pounds....(and not the kind that I want :-) )

I have had a decent amount of experience around a few chocolate making/using equipments and can provide advise on issues pertaining to how some of them are used. The company I work with has a huge range of a variety of chocolate products and its definitely one of the best ways to learn about practical issues when certain equipments are used on a daily basis. Have a look at their site (which will soon be under re-development) sometime at

I should be regular here now. So after I spend a little time exploring and getting used to the site, I'll try and upload a few pictures, that should make things interesting.

Until next time...

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Comment by Ankur Bhargava on August 7, 2009 at 12:09pm
Hey Mark. Nice to hear from you. From what I gather, are you looking to setup a production line? The machine you've mentioned describes an entire process from start to finish, save for the packaging bit at the end.

The kind of machines that we deal with are a less complicated than your requirement. We've got melters, temperers, and guitar cutters at the moment besides smaller hand held units used for decorating chocolates with colours. As you may have understood, this is far from what you have said you require. Sorry couldn't help you there, I guess your search continues.
Comment by Mark J Sciscenti on August 7, 2009 at 10:58am
Hello Ankur, I would like to hear more about what kind of machines that you produce. I am looking for a chocolate grinding machine that can take couveture and/or cocoa mass, grind it into a paste. Then I need to add various dry ground ingredients and wet sweeteners, mix it then push this cocoa paste mixture through a moulding press and press the chocolate into moulds of various shape or bars. Any thoughts. You can contact me private as well. Thanks for your kind consideration. -Mark

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