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the creation of a product can be one of the most exhilerating experiences

in my 20 plus years in the chocolate and pastry world I've put out quite a lot of what some may call innovative stuff.... being my bread and butter I'm often too 'at work' to realise what exactly it is I'm doing and have achieved....luckily I realise that and have made a conscious effort to enjoy the experience of creation because let's face it , that's the whole point of it in the first place, right? 

 In my outside the box way, what recently began as a joke between a Maryland Chef and I on my facebook food group, rapidly fired my imagination to the creation of a concept/product that has me awake at night.

The buzz, it's there, and that's the buzz I have revisited regularly ever since I entered the world of chocolate.

I have been in environments with colleagues that positively hate the "monotony" of production..... lets face it when a product is successful it's going to become a slog, repeating the same action again and again, day after day. But I have learned to meditate, to converse, to ponder whilst in the rhythm of  production. My calm infuses my product, as does my excitement, my humor and my joy. No one NEEDS chocolate goodies. It's a treat; its eaten for the pure pleasure of it , no other reason, so why would I taint that piece of happy with my boredom or my anger or my disinterest?

 Which brings me back to the point.... the creation of a new product can be one of the most exhilerating experiences; and that exhilleration is both the child and mother of renewal. And with constant renewal the joy will remain the predominant vibration of that Brown Stuff......... nuff said.

And the new product? watch this space (Patent Pending)


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