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The Most Important Characteristics Of The Best Chocolate Bar In The World

Having recently concluded the first playoff chocolate tasting party, I find myself feeling a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, both the Lindt-Double Milk Chocolate and Marabou-Milk Chocolate are excellent chocolate bars!  However, I'm yet to be awestruck or mesmerized by one of them.  So many chocolate bars have just been average. Eric Nylund, where can I  find a chocolate bar that matches your descriptions!!? Do they only exist in fantasy worlds!?  *Sigh*, surely there is such a chocolate bar in the real world too!  

As the Quest For The World's Best Chocolate Bar continues, let me share with you my most important characteristics of the perfect chocolate bar.

[Moderator Note: There were broken links to Eric Nylund and Descriptions. The links were removed and Bernt was notified in the hopes of fixing them.]


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Comment by Bernt on February 18, 2011 at 10:27pm
Thanks Clay, for notifying me! The links have been reset and everything is working well on my end. I appreciate being able to be part of this great community!

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