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In 1997, when my passion for fine chocolate started, the only premium bar I could buy in The Netherlands was Valrhona's Le Noir. For many years it was very difficult to get good chocolate. At some places you saw more bars of Valrhona and if you were lucky one of Amedei’s. Still there was not much going on. For the real stuff I visited Paris a lot.

But the last two years there is a chocolate revolution going on in The Netherlands! In 2009 Kees Raat, our  most famous chocolatier , opened his new "Metropolitan Deli" in Amsterdam. He makes delicious truffles and lollypops with Original Beans Piura Porcelana couverture and he sells bars of Pacari, Akesson's, The Grenada Chocolate Company and of course Original Beans.

In the same year "Chocoweb",  an online chocolate shop, was launched. A lot of bars you couldn't get here before were now only a mouse click away. 

In the two last months of 2010 two new chocolate shops opened in Amsterdam. The first is "VANDERDONK Fine Chocolates", it offers bars by Bonnat, Fine & Raw, Donna Elvira and many more. They also make wonderful French-style chocolates. The other one is "Chocolátl", it has an almost completely different collection: Pralus, Askinosie, Corallo, Amano, Domori, etc.

So the real chocoholic who wants his collection complete must visit them all! The owners of the shops created their own unique style. But what they share is a true passion for chocolate.....and Original Beans'  bars!

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Comment by Vercruysse Geert on January 24, 2011 at 3:23am

Hello Vera,

Mooie start deze blog, looking forward to make a visit at those tree chocolateshops, hope you should be there to touring me around a bit...



PS wanneer ben je in Kortrijk?

Comment by cheebs on January 22, 2011 at 6:01pm
I visited the Metropolitan Deli in October and was very impressed by the whole concept.  Loved their ice cream and sorbets!  Too bad neither of the other to you mentioned were open when I was there.  I only was only able to go to Puccini Bomboni and De Bijenkorf's chocolate section.
Comment by Benoît on January 22, 2011 at 3:24pm

Hello Vera,

You might be interested to know that things are moving further than you think in The Netherlands: we are a belgium chocolate company and recently openened our chocolate shop in Maastricht. Among our customers we can count on many Michelin Stared Restaurants like the Beluga of Hans van Wolde. Should you be interested in knowing more about us, please feel free to visit one of our shops.

Best regards


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