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I'm finding lots of interesting twitter to follow, but what's the trick to getting followers?

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Comment by Eve on June 17, 2009 at 5:34pm
Thanks so much! This is very helpful.
Comment by cybele on June 17, 2009 at 4:36pm
Trick? If you use tricks you may not find that it translates to much business success.

You've done a lot of the basics already. You filled in your profile and added some tweets and are following other people.

If you're looking to build relationships, then think about what you want from Twitter. If you want customers then keep an eye out for conversations about things that you might want to be involved in. Do a search for chocolate, fair trade, san luis obispo, etc. See what comes up. If you want to respond to someone's tweet, do so. If you like what they're saying overall, follow them. They may or may not reciprocate.

There are also some good "twibes" where you can join up with other people with similar interests and other specialized feeds that you can read, like this food blogger feed:

(Someone should make one of those for all the members of The Chocolate Life.)
Retweet other cool things you see. Put things in your twitter feed that people will want to see in their stream. (You're doing great - blog updates, behind the scenes stuff, links to other things you like or stories in the news are all great content.) Publicize local events you believe in.

Also ... give it a couple of days. It looks like your first tweet just came in less than a day ago. Not everyone looks at their twitter every day.

Some retailers find coupons & special offers get followers & business too.

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