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Okay, it's 102 degrees out in southern California and I'm melting. So what do you do with a chunky bar of dark chocolate? I like to stick it in the fridge just long enough to get firm...or if I really want it crunchy hard it'll go in the freezer for a bit.

I'd skip the drinking hot tea with it, though. And I actually find that hard to do without. So what could be a better substitute? How about Thai iced tea or iced coffee?

Course those drinks are a bit on the sweet side for my taste, but they're a nice contrast and complement to the bitter dark I go for.

One can never be too rich or too poor to go without chocolate. Even on a hot day. Money is no object when it comes to this necessity...or obsession, as others would put it. heheh...

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Comment by John M Rossini on August 28, 2009 at 3:16pm
Yes, Lydia don't let any chocolate, even melted chocolated go to waste! Here's an another idea -- melt the chocolate all way until it gets "syrupy" -- Then toss in a blender with some milk for about 10 seconds ( 2 OZ of chocolate to 8 OZ of milk is a good ratio), then toss in about 10 OZ of ice, and blend for 20 seconds. You will get a nice frothy cold drink that will make Starbucks run for the hills :) Have a great day.

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