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At 8:42am on April 23, 2010, Ilana said…
You can melt it to that as well. The recommendations on the bag say 55-58 for 12 hours. I rarely do that. My machine goes to 54 and so I do that. You can do 49 and then seed to working temperature.
At 1:27am on April 23, 2010, Ilana said…
If I am doing a tiny amount for experimentation I may use the micro. I have melters and tempering machines which I usually use. The method of melting straight to working temp is often problematic as the chocolate is often over tempered or undertempered. When you get the feel of how much seed to ask, you can have tempered chocolate within 15 minutes easily.
At 3:26pm on April 22, 2010, Ilana said…
One more thing-It is best to begin with a decent amount because small amounts harden in the bowl very quickly. I suggest even starting with around a kilo-leaving 20% out for seeding (adding the pistoles to melted choc)
At 3:24pm on April 22, 2010, Ilana said…
Okay. It is easier to start with dark chocolate as the milk makes it more complicated. So first begin with the Manjari and then after you have mastered that move on to Jivara Lactee.
1. Which ever method you choose to melt the chocoalte, you need to melt the Manjari to 54.5-55 Degrees celsius. These are the instructions on the bag of chocolate from Valrhona. This melts out all the crystals very well.
2. Then when it is at this temp,add pistoles (the pieces before they are melted) and mix them in. You will need about 20% of the weight of the amount melted. I add a handful in and when I see they are melt quite quickly, I add another handful in, constantly mixing. Do this until the temp gets down to around 31.5 C and it is best when there are a few pieces left not completely melted. These you need to pick out. Do a temper test on a knife and the chocoalte should harden within a few minutes-the temper will stay. Pour into your molds. Wait till you see it starting to harden and then if you want you can put in fridge for a short while I thinkit is best to leave it in a room of 17Degrees C if poss- rather than in the fridge. The fridge has humidity and this isn't so good.
Try lollipop molds first because if the bar is big or a bit deep it is harder to cool properly. After the lollies work move on to bar molds. You may have to put bar molds in the fridge after they harden a bit. But not for 30 minutes.

Ask me questions if you have and let me know how it goes!
Good luck
At 1:50pm on April 22, 2010, Ilana said…
1.Are you a bit new at tempering or have you experience with other brands?
2. Which % are you trying with?
3. Can you describe your method?

In the meantime-keep smiling!

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