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At 9:51pm on June 20, 2011, Sarah said…


If you make it to SF please let me know. It would be great to meet up. What type of event would you be doing? I came across your "Discover Chocolate" book and just ordered it, looking forward to the read. I am on a mission to learn everything I can about chocolate! After this trip to Ecuador I have been so inspired by chocolate and the people who grow and care about it. To tell you the truth, I got back and immediately went online to create a blog/twitter in hopes to find others who have been inspired by chocolate. Your website was exactly what I was looking for! The possibilities to create meaningful human connections, social awareness and adventures through chocolate has refreshed my outlook on life. Thank you for your work in pioneering an education/community around chocolate--it is just like wine culture! It looks like I will be attending the Fancy Foods Show in DC this July. If you will be attending we could also get a chance to meet there.

At 5:02pm on June 19, 2011, Sarah said…

Hey Clay, 

Thank you! I am excited to be a part of The Chocolate Life, what a great site. I will be updating my blog soon to include the details from my Ecuador trip. I spent time in Quito, Banos, Puyo, did a stint with the Sarayacu community and then made it out to some gorgeous cacao farms in the Esmeraldas region. Looking forward to discussing more about chocolate! 

At 10:14pm on June 12, 2011, Tania Carey said…

Hi Clay,

thank you for the welcome.

Sounds like you probably came thru Takaka while in NZ. It is a great place, warm and sunny. We grow a lot of fruit here including avocado, tamarillo, sapote, paw paw...most sub tropical fruits and nuts.

I have an organic store here and we have just started making our own chocolates, fun!

At 6:48pm on May 22, 2011, brian horsley said…

thank you clay glad to be back


At 2:05pm on May 19, 2011, Sirius Chocolate said…

Hey Clay, do you think you can help me out?

At 9:35am on April 8, 2011, Francisco Pache said…

Hello Clay,

Do you receive my messages?

I would like to join you in the trip to Dominican Republic.

Please contact me and tell me if the trip is confirmed or if you cancelled it.

I have to buy the tickets TODAY, because I will first travell to Cuba for 3 weeks and then connect to D.R.



At 12:44pm on March 27, 2011, Samuel Conrad Mason said…



Thanks for establishing and moderating this very informative and useful  network and forum for chocolatiers


Re your expressed wish, I'll be happy to help if I can. Who would that member be?



At 12:17pm on March 27, 2011, Jennifer Nielson said…
Thanks for being so diligent about the spammers.
At 4:23pm on March 23, 2011, Joy Gemberling said…
Thanks, Clay. I just LOVE chocolate. I'm a newlywed; having reconnected to a high school friend via Facebook, and we both just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE chocolate. I'm looking forward to future posts on your site!
At 9:09pm on February 21, 2011, Evelyn said…
Thanks! I'm looking forward to going even further into the world of chocolate. So glad I found this website!
At 3:12am on February 15, 2011, Pixie said…

Kia ora Clay,

Thanks for making contact.  We have been making Raw Chocolate for about 4 years now and it has been a great process to share the love we have with these foods with others and wholefood/organic shops throughout  Aotearoa.  I joined this site in the hope of getting some help in buying a Santha Stone grinder.  I am finding it quite difficult to get information on which size of machine would be appropriate from what we want to do.  I will put up a post here.....Kia ora Pixie

At 1:36pm on February 7, 2011, Vera Hofman said…
Hi Clay, The brand Idilio is new I think. But the chocolate is not. It was first sold by the name Beschle Quizas. Niklaus Blumer and Pascal Wirth are the men behind Idilio. See: and and The chocolate is made by Felchlin. Very beautiful chocolate :-)
At 8:44am on January 5, 2011, Lola Gedeon said…

Hi Clay,

Hope you had a good and safe holidays.  We are in Houston and will be here for the next month, would like to know if you could help us to meet some chocolatiers from Texas and if possible from other places, I brought some good dark chocolat 70% from the farm as well some dried beans and nibs, I thing it would be a good oportunity to meet some people who could be interested in meeting us and check our cocoa products.  Hope to see you soon in BAHIA.  My cell here is 713-3207469

Thank you,

Lola Gedeon Lucas

Fazenda Venturosa

Bahia Cocoa Bean Co. 


At 4:25pm on October 18, 2010, Robert Frederick Rankin said…
Hi Clay. I don't think you have a member from American Samoa. You do have me however from Samoa which is close to American Samoa but which has been an independent state since 1962 and was previously called Western Samoa. Don't worry you're not the first to confuse the two places. I recently ordered a Spectra 20 from Santha in India and they mistakenly shipped it to Pago Pago American Samoa instead of Apia Samoa and caused all sorts of handling problems -Bob Rankin
At 6:31pm on June 6, 2010, JOE ARREDONDO said…
Hi Clay, would it be o.k to give me an update on how I can put an ad for my website or in Spanish in your website, We just started distribution for Xocai in Europe including Germany and Spain trough the Netherlands, who do you know that might be interested in the Networking part of it, Well you know that we are going global with Xocai and Everybody knows that it's raw, unprocessed, unadulterated dark chocolate that we have. There is two kinds of people in the World those who will sign up to eat the chocolate and those who will sign up to do the business, who do you know that can fit this profile?
Plesae let me know how I can make this work with your guys website, thanks sincerely Joe
At 4:58am on May 10, 2010, David Knoef said…
Thanks for the contacts Clay, just feeling my way around the chocoblogosphere at the moment, seems theres a lot of passion and knowledge shared on your site.
At 9:37am on May 7, 2010, Barbara Wilson said…
Clay, Wow! Thanks for taking the time to read my site so carefully and I appreciate your feedback. That was my clumsy synopsis of all the info that I have read and have been told by farmers in Ecuador, etc. I find the info out there on the internet, in books and what the farmers say all very overwhelming and often in disagreement. As a result of your comments, I have made some edits to my site, if you are interested in taking a look it can be found at Beware that our new site is supposed to be loaded in the very near future so there may be some temporary glitches. I asked our web designer to make the edits on the new site but there is a chance he may not get that done correctly so if the site looks different the changes might not be there.
At 12:34pm on May 6, 2010, Bobby Schaffer said…
Yes! Cacao Sampaka in Barcelona. I had just started working with chocolate at Oriol Balaguer and got the bug to find all things chocolate. That bar was amazing and the finish amazed me after every bite.
At 6:28pm on May 5, 2010, anna mazzoccoli said…
Hi Clay-

please check out this member. I have been asked to be a friend within minutes of her joinung and none of her friends has a real picture (like me)... I am not active but just retain my membership. Celeste Hill is her name.
At 6:29pm on February 22, 2010, Margot said…
Great meeting you here at "The Chocolate Experience Mexico", hope to see you again ;)

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