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At 10:37pm on September 30, 2008, Joel Eliaz said…
Hi Clay....
by any chance, do you have an idea of how many fine chocolate producers work with venezuelan cacao nibs as their main ingredient?

The question comes because I was at a chocolate workshop recently and there was this woman I met who worked for the local representatives (a law firm) of one of the world top brands, and she told me that the brand signed an exclusive contract with a producer in Chuao to purchase all its production each year for ten years in order to guarantee the quality they were going to work with, and to offer single origin taste to their customers. Is this common elsewhere?
At 1:37pm on September 5, 2008, Susan Davis said…
Hi Clay,
I was just introduced to your book and through that - the website.... what a grand idea! I'm excited to be a part of this community.
Thank you,
Susan, Chocolate Apothecary
At 8:08pm on September 2, 2008, Bruno Casabon said…
Life is full of coincidences, but not this time....I have been at Barry Callebaut (via Cacao Barry first) for 15 years or so.........what can I say I love chocolate.
And yes, the Peru is a Cacao Barry product. More than an origin, it is a single plantation.
At 3:31am on July 25, 2008, Wang Jian said…
Dear Clay,
when I used cocoa butter replacer(CBR) to coat the wafer but the coating is cracking .Can you help me to slove cracking problem.The SFC of the CBR is 87% at 10℃,68% at 20℃,33.5% at 30℃,18% at 35℃,3% at 40℃.The coating temperature at 45℃ by hand. Then the coated wafer was sent to cooling tunnel which the temperatures at 10℃. The ingredients is sugar, cocoa powder, skimmed milk power,CBR,lecithin.Many thanks for your suggestion!
At 11:49am on July 1, 2008, Mike D said…
Back in April you asked me about my experience with "Chocolate: The Exhibit" and the Field Museum. I'm sorry for the slow reply. Yes, my wife and I traveled with a group to Oaxaca and some cacao plantations. Included in the group were the researchers and photographers that were gathering information and display items for the chocolate exhibit. We didn't know it beforehand, but it was very exciting to be there as artifacts and articles were collected and we got to see them in the final exhibit. We were there at the airport as they were boarding the plane with a huge machete given to them by one of the cacao plantation owners. In the final exhibit as we walk through it, it brings back great memories of the days we spent in Oaxaca. Elaine Gonzalez, the author of "The Art of Chocolate" was the host for the entire trip and it wouldn't have been the same without her. I have seen the exhibit in Chicago, Atlanta, and Ocala. This fall, we will see it in Indianapolis. Thanks for asking about it.
At 6:25pm on June 16, 2008, Lloyd Martin said…
Hi Clay,
I just uploaded a pix of the Hazelnut Trio with a description. The pix is just too big, and I will have to swap it out later.
At 7:51pm on June 5, 2008, Miguel Velasco said…
Thank you Clay,
I love chocolate, but I do not consider myself connoiseur yet. It's great that you're planning a visit to Mexico. I'll try to research some of the chocolate-y things you can look at while in Mexico City and get back to you.
regards, mike
At 8:44pm on June 4, 2008, Brady said…
Clay- I'd be interested in seeing the video of your discussion at the Buck's County Chocolate Show if they taped it. Could you post it on the site? Brady
At 11:58pm on June 1, 2008, Melanie said…
Hi Clay, Thanks for the welcome.
Well, there are lots of boutique chocolate shops but not many that yet understand the importance of the bean! Melbourne would appear to be ahead of us on that one. I believe there is a cocoa plantation, somewhere in tropical north queensland who are expecting to have their first harvest of beans this year....

We have 3 Lindt cafe's here in Sydney, which make the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

Apart from that, I haven't met anyone else as in to chocolate as me... though I am introducing them into the world of fine chocolate. I'm just a beginner taster really, but in heaven doing it.

Of course our selections are limited, and the climate doesn't help with importation. If I won the lottery I would leave nursing (and stop saving lives) and go into chocolate production myself.

No, I haven't heard of TAVA... will have to look them up.

I hope you are having a great time in Belize.

At 2:56pm on May 28, 2008, Valerie Confections said…

Hope you're having a great time in Belize, and can't wait to read about it. Was thinking you might like some samples of our line - please let us know where (and when) to send.


Stan and Valerie
At 9:57am on May 20, 2008, Runner NYC said…
Hi Clay! I love the Chocolate Life!! I don't get to spend nearly as much time on it as I'd like, but every minute is a pleasure!! Hope all's well!!
At 9:43am on May 20, 2008, Linda Grishman said…
Hi Clay: We use Guittard Chocolate and Guittard Ettienne. Since buying direct from Guittard isn't possible unless one can place 500lb orders at a time.We would be more than happy to offer 10lb bars as well as 10lb bags of our 72% cacao buttons for those members interested in trying Guittard's line.
Let me know what you think. Right now I am trying to get ready for the Fancy Food Show. So it's a bit crazy around here. Best, Linda
At 5:48pm on May 19, 2008, Herbert said…
None of my own, unfortunately. I tend to eat my chocolate before I can take a picture of it, and I've never been one for photos (I don't even own a camera). But there are some here at their website:
At 7:43pm on May 17, 2008, ronald maguire said…
thank you will be in touch ron
At 4:23pm on May 16, 2008, mhdi driss said…
i roast coffee bean i want todoit with cocao bean please how can i make chocolate from bean thnak you mr gordon.
At 9:17pm on May 13, 2008, Sassyrose said…
Found SE a few months ago and I am addicted. I've followed so many rabbit trails from there. I've discovered a whole new addiction... CYBERFOOD!! :) Glad to join TCL. Looking fwd to it :)
At 5:35pm on May 12, 2008, mhdi driss said…
many thanks for the welcome. M R clay i m really interested for making chocolate.but no idea about machines;and processof produtions of chocolates.please could get an ideas about chocolate manufaturing.many thanks.
At 2:09pm on May 2, 2008, James Paras said…

Thanks for inviting me. I hope to use the forum more in the future, but currently our Betsy Ann Chocolates business is going through some large changes that are consuming all of my time.
As for the Colts Bolts, sorry I have never heard of them. Not sure if it has something to do with the football team, but we are in the Pittsburgh region with lots of Steeler fans.

At 2:40am on May 1, 2008, sabrina hicks said…
thanks for the welcome!

my boss bought all of us your book a few months ago, and one of the first things i did was count my tastebuds (as mentioned at some point in your book) :) tonight in my yoga philosophy class, i (as student) brought up counting my tastebuds in relation somehow to a different meditation technique...i then learned that people's sweet tastebuds lessen as they get older!

oh my. your book has crossed boundaries :)
At 12:58pm on April 30, 2008, Christina Durta said…

Thanks for the welcome. I have talked to them a couple of times and looked at the products on their website. They have alot of great products for mold making. I would highly recommend them.

Thanks again,


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