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At 5:21am on August 24, 2012, Robert Quilter said…

Hi Duffy

Hope your well!!

I received my grinder from Cocoatown today, exciting!! I just wanted to clarify the electricity/plug outlet. I opted for a 220 Volt Phase 1, do i just take off the US plug and put on a UK one? 

P.S. I was visiting my brother the other weekend in London and visited Paul Young's shop in Islington, bought some Mast Brothers and your Sea Salt Milk Chocolate which was amazing!!

Regards Rob

At 5:14pm on July 25, 2012, Robert Quilter said…

Hi Duffy

Thanks for showing me around, really learnt alot, you were very helpful!!

Regards Rob

At 5:03pm on July 20, 2012, Robert Quilter said…

Hi Duffy

Thats great, see you Monday at 12. 



At 8:04am on July 20, 2012, Robert Quilter said…

Hi Duffy,

Monday is fine, think its about a couple of hours to Cleethorpes. What time is best for you, would 12 ish be ok? Is your address on your website? Rob

At 5:51am on July 20, 2012, Robert Quilter said…

Thanks Duffy 

I am in the process of looking for the best small grinder and seem to have settled on the ECGC-12SL Deluxe Melanger from Cocoatown. It would be great to come and see your factory and get some inspiration, where exactly are you? and how are you fixed for next week, I am free Mon/Tue 23/24th July



At 10:38am on April 15, 2011, Joseph Davies said…
No problem at all. See you around midday. Cheers.
At 4:31am on April 15, 2011, Joseph Davies said…



Thanks again for the invite to the factory. Look forward to seeing you on Monday. Have a nice weekend, 



At 11:43am on January 8, 2011, Vercruysse Geert said…

My shop is about 25 km from Lille (France) 30 km from Gent and about 40 km from Bruges. You will find a Googlemap on my website

Geert Vercruysse


At 6:34am on December 6, 2010, Karlien said…
Great, i will let you know when exactly i will be visiting and then we can make arrengements with them from there?
At 2:08pm on July 12, 2010, Cat Ankerson said…
:o) When head home to the UK for a holiday I will look for your chocolate to try! xx
At 4:44pm on July 8, 2010, Cat Ankerson said…
Hi Duffy, I've been living here in Ecuador for a few years and a cacao farm has recently come into my hands. so if you are ever around this country for a tour or are interested in some Ecuadorian cacao beans then let me know!

At 8:21pm on May 23, 2010, Adriennne Henson said…
Hi Duffy,
I was at Clay's chocolate wonk group and I got to taste your bars and I liked them and they were very creamy and I also liked your packaging.
Where can you buy your bars in London???
Adrienne Henson
At 12:47pm on February 23, 2009, cheebs said…
Hola Duffy!
I'm based in Guatemala City so I'm unable to tell you if the beans were fermented or not. In any case I would think they were UNDERfermented as that is a prety common practice here. It stems from the times of Criollo-only, when it was easy to over-ferment if you went over 4 days. Nowadays, most of the Guatemala cacao descends from Trinitario stock, which definitely benefit from a longer fermentation. Sadly, their practices have not changed accordingly, resulting in lots of astringent, under-fermented cacao on the local markets. Also, as someone else mentioned, sometimes growers won't even do that, but rather just wash the cacao, sun dry it and try to pass it off as fermented.
At 7:47am on February 18, 2009, Ernesto B. Pantua Jr. said…
Hi Duffy,

Thanks for the advise. Much appreciated.

At 8:19pm on January 20, 2009, Fernanda said…
Dear Duffy:

how great you are interested in Guatemala! It is really a beautiful country. Well, regarding your question, my sister works directly with some coffee associations but two of them are small cacao farmers. I already asked her to get their names and phone numbers. We also are planning to visit them soon. I will let you know any information I get. Anything else you need please do not hesitate to ask. Best regards,

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