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Dear Members I aspire to develop a new chocolate brand for the Australian markets and seek a JV partnership with a Manufacturer..


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Comment by Amb. John Smith Gumbula on January 22, 2013 at 11:55am

Dear Mr. Gordon

Greatly appreciate your response.

I'm seeking a foreign JV Partner, then strategically surprise the local Australian markets with my new chocolate brand.

As you would understand the Aboriginal First Nations have had difficult and challenging times over that last 200 years + and it seems from my cultural engagements globally , that indigenous business affairs - Humanitarian Project Developments, many foreign groups extend their hands and heart faster than back in Australia., but! that's not too say that there maybe the opportunity to seriously discuss with genuine Australian Investors.

Let's say I'm open for discussion with any genuine interested parties.

Q: How much would it take in setting up an entire chocolate plant, with all latest state of the art technology in developing bean to chocolate products, manufacturing, packaging, logistics, etc...

Or would it wiser to save millions of dollars, and maybe easier to establish a private JV Partnership with an existing Chocolate Manufacturer.

Either way I'm ready to discuss with serious , but passionate chocolate manufacturer/s., that would be genuinely interested in supporting Aboriginal First Nations sustainable economic growth strategy where applicable.

I'm also offering up too 25% company shares, for an equity stake in the company.

If this is of interest in supporting Aboriginal First Nations people, then I welcome your reply.


Amb. John Smith Gumbula
"Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Queens Trust Awardee" - Aboriginal Cultural Ambassador – Aboriginal Artist / Designer – Director of Indigenous Social –Environmental - Economic Affairs & Humanitarian Special Projects Development Project Director 2D – 3D Animation Residential – Commercial & Industrial Project Director Scale Modeling Development Residential – Commercial & Industrial Representative ECO Environmentally Friendly Technologies - Founder & CEO Organic Chocolate Brand

Facebook: John Smith Gumbula
LinkedIn: John Smith Gumbula
Twitter: jsgumbula
Skype: jsgumbula

Comment by Clay Gordon on January 22, 2013 at 9:43am

Ambassador -

Are you interested in partnering only with an Australia-based company or looking for foreign JV partner? There is a group here on TheChocolateLife - Chocolate Down Under - with many Australian companies as members.

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