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Introducing Kleego - A Melter and Conche for bean-to-bar chocolate makers

The Kleego (pronounced like glee' go) is FBM's newest machine and their first machine designed specifically for craft bean-to-bar chocolate makers that serves several vital functions: Kleego significantly speeds up conching times, gives the craft chocolate maker significant control over flavor development during, and is also a melter for general-purpose use and for extending the capacity of any tempering machine.

Built on top of a K-Series 50kg melter with integrated pump, Kleego adds a digital control panel and a conche head assembly that turns the Kleego into a 35kg conche.

The conche head includes counter-rotating stirrers (creates shear for texture development), a forced hot air system, and a ceramic heating element in addition to the bowl heater for flavor development. The digital control panel gives operators precise, repeatable, control over many parameters of the conching process.

Our experience shows that conching times can be as short as 3.5-5 hours, depending on the results the chocolate maker is looking to achieve.

Kleego is the evolution of an accessory for an FBM tempering machine built for a chocolate maker in Genoa. When I saw this accessory in Milan when I was there in October 2012 I inspired FBM to develop the concept as an accessory to the 50kg melter in their new K-Series line. I've been working with them since October making sure that the Kleego meets the needs of small-batch craft chocolate makers.


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Comment by Amaleah Brigitte Black-Smiley on December 3, 2014 at 5:31pm
I'd love to read feedback from folks using Kleego
Comment by Amaleah Brigitte Black-Smiley on September 7, 2013 at 11:45pm

Love this!

Comment by Clay Gordon on June 19, 2013 at 6:53am

Anish -

Yes, the Kleego is for conching so you put liquid chocolate (liquor or with added ingredients) into the machine. It is not a refiner. However, because of the way it's constructed, Kleego does the texture development done during conching -- it does more than just flavor development. You can do both the "dry" conche (no added cocoa butter) and the "wet" conche (after adding cocoa butter) in the Kleego. Because Kleego is also a melter, you can put solid chocolate into it - say after it's been set aside to age - to feed a tempering machine or for other purposes. 

The list price is €9500, before the 10% ChocolateLife member discount. With Kleego you can easily double the throughput of a single large stone-grinder, and have more (and precise digital) control over operational parameters that affect flavor development. And you have the melter, too.

Comment by ramya on June 19, 2013 at 4:44am

Hi Clay, 

               Its amazing. very useful machine.  Is conching in KLEEGO starts after refining  and only in liquid stage?. what will be the price for one?  .  regards, Anish.

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