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I am the creator (early 2008) and moderator (ongoing) of, which now counts nearly 10,000 members in over 160 countries on six continents.

I am a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Photography, 1983). Upon graduation, I immediately embraced the world of high technology – computer graphics, interactive multimedia, high definition television production, and the Internet. It was in 1994 that I "found chocolate" and in May, 2001 I started publishing the seminal blog Over the past dozen-plus years I have become an internationally–recognized independent authority on subjects in cocoa and chocolate. My award-winning book, Discover Chocolate, was published in 2007.

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Sourcing Chocolate and Ingredients

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Sourcing Supplies

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ONLINE AUCTION - Abamex Nov 26 - Dec 8, 2009

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Setting up Shop Online: The Good the Bad and the Ugly

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Sourcing Equipment

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Ocean Freight to/from Australia - Opportunities

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Beating The Heat

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Cracking Particle Size: A Timeline

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Equipment used to make chocolate

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TheChocolateLife celebrates its 9th anniversary this week, starting publication the week of January 18th, 2008. Want to know what I have been up to for the past...
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Posted a response to "If given the option between a 3 phase and a single phase temperer/enrober which is the better choice"
" Here is a link to some information on the differences. It is true that if you get 3-phase now you will either have to make sure that the place..."
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Making Cocoa Tea w/Chloe

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beth campbell
01/08/17 12:13:42PM @beth-campbell:

hi Clay,

I am about to expand my small business and in need of equipment upgrades.  I would like to know how much a consult would cost specifically about equipment and processes.  I am in Canada. Thanks, Beth

Clay Gordon
01/08/17 01:33:10PM @clay:

Beth -

I will contact you privately by email.

:: Clay

Jack Meyer
12/20/16 12:33:29PM @jack-meyer:

Hi Clay,

Would you be able to provide me with a contact to get a quote on a RUMBO?

Steven Shipler
10/30/16 05:56:24PM @steven-shipler:

Hi Clay,

I am wondering what beans you have available right now, also specifically I am wondering about getting my hands on some Hacienda Tranquilidad the Wild Bolivian cacao or if you know who is selling that bean.

Curious if you can sell them by the sack as we are a rather small artisan chocolate maker here in Scottsdale, AZ.


Deb Wisniewski
09/20/16 05:18:09PM @deb-wisniewski:

Hi Clay - I'm working on a Jamroom site and I have long admired the way you have your site set up. We are doing a Ning-to-JR move and I'm wondering what skin you used for the Chocolate Life. It looks great. Did you move from Ning? We're going to use the hosting services for JR as well.

I apologize for asking you about this on your site... it was the only way I could figure out how to contact you.

Clay Gordon
10/28/15 03:39:34AM @clay:

Enna - 

Yes the Rumbo is available in the US. I am traveling in Europe at the moment and have to leave to make an appointment, but I will get back to you via email ASAP with more information.

:: Clay

10/26/15 01:09:58PM @eg:

Hi Clay,

Is the Rumbo available in the US? I emailed the company here but never heard back

Was hoping to get a price (northeastern US). Spent some time trying to send you a pm but couldn't figure it out.



Jennifer Smith
09/17/15 04:01:26PM @jennifer-smith:

Hi Clay,

I am interested in getting information about the FBM Prima temperer.  Will you email me with info? I would also like to know if you know where I can see one in person?  I'm in So Cal, but I will be at the NW Choc. Fest if you know of one in Seattle.  Thanks, Jennifer

Mark Schutz
09/07/15 08:28:53PM @mark-schutz:

 I am looking for a used savage firemixer 14, how and where can I post a classified ad for this need thank you

Clay Gordon
09/04/15 08:36:30AM @clay:

Mark - 

There is a section of the Forums, Chocolate Education, that would be the right place to post something asking for input from members.

:: Clay

Mark Heim
09/02/15 12:47:48PM @mark-heim:

Hello Clay,

I am a retired confectioner (40+ years) and now consultant and part of PMCA and a member of the Education Committee.  PMCA currently offers several courses during the year on a variety of topics, several of them I have led or taught.  However they are targeted more for the larger companies.  So they get very technical, including the chemistry behind the confections, covering the basic confectioney forms a large company would use, and also cover equipment for mass producing.  We have had several artisan confectioners attend in the past but their major complaint is that the course is too technical, too much time spent on industrial sized equipment, and a lack of time spent on how to generate their own new ideas and artisinal techniques. 

We are now looking to offer courses geared more to the artisan confectioners by limiting the chemistry, eliminating production equipment discussion, and offer more into what an artisinal shop owner would be more interested in such as how to make a variety of a single confection.  Also to reduce the course length (to reduce cost) from 4-5 days to maybe 3.  As an example a caramel course would be more on unique ingredient use, forms, and techniques they could use to achieve color and texture.  It would have about 3/4 or more of the time making these products.  However they would have instructors who could explain the "why" of how things do or do not work as they have the fundamental chemistry knowledge as well as artisinal techniques.

Would it be appropriate to start a forum or other technique to get help from the artisinal confectioner to see what would be an ideal course for them, as far as topics, depth, course length, etc.  The information generated would help design courses targeted just for them.

Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Mark Heim

Andrea B
08/14/15 11:16:43AM @andrea-bauer:

Strange - until I looked just now, there was a bean-to-bar class listed for September 25-27...  Maybe something came up and they had to cancel it.  I'll check their schedule every few months and see if they post it again.  If you hear something different from them regarding September let me know.  Thanks, Andrea

Clay Gordon
08/12/15 11:29:51AM @clay:

Mariano -

This has something to do with how Chrome manages cookies and browser history. If you clear the browser caches, quit, and then restart Chrome the problem should be resolved.

Clay Gordon
08/11/15 09:47:36PM @clay:

Andrea -

I just took a look at the workshop page on JMA's site

and I don't see a listing for a chocolate-making class in September. We were talking about it with him but nothing was confirmed. I will email and ask.

:: Clay

Andrea B
08/10/15 02:24:41PM @andrea-bauer:

Hi Clay,  I see that Jean-Marie Auboine is offering their bean-to-bar class again in Vegas at the end of September.  Do you think there's any chance they'd offer that screaming deal they offered earlier this year to Chocolate Life members?  I'd be interested if that were the case.  Thanks, Andrea

Robert Quilter
08/04/15 10:29:58AM @robert-quilter:

Hi Clay

Can you send me some details on how to add a classifield please.

mariano garcia
08/02/15 12:45:57AM @mariano-garcia:

Hi Clay, wanted to warn you that I have trouble logging in to your page from google chorme!

safari is normal but, google chorme no!



Brent Davis
07/15/15 08:37:16AM @brent-davis:

Hi Clay,

Please contact me about the company making the winnower in Peru. The phone number doesn't work.



Chiwila Kuyay
07/01/15 09:43:06AM @chiwila-kuyay:

dear Clay,

     can you please send me your personal email address?  a phone number?

thank you.


     Chiwila Kuyay

06/23/15 05:57:23PM @danielle2:

Hi Clay, can you forward me the info for your company in peru that has the refurbished universal grinding/conching machines?  Thanks

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