Cocoatown ECGC 65-A 65 lb chocolate grinder/conch/refiner/melangeur for sale from Hawaii for $7984

12/11/15 06:42:57PM
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Have you ever wanted to become a pro chocolate maker or are you already running a craft bean-to-bar chocolate factory regularly roasting, winnowing, conching, & tempering chocolate bars? This machine will handle 20-65 lbs of cacao nibs or chocolate at a time. This unit grinds or conches from nibs to chocolate liquor, and then with the addition of sugar, cocoa butter, and vanilla, it'll continue to turn it into full fledged chocolate couverture in 2-5 days, depending on the exact recipe and volume. 

This machine is currently sold for over $11,000 new so this is a bargain to get going in craft chocolate making. 

See a video of the Cocoatown ECGC65A in operation

The machine is alternatively called a refiner conch or grinder/melangeur since it refines or grinds the sugar and chocolate particles down to the necessary 20 microns while mixing or melanging the ingredients together into a coherent chocolate whole. This is the machine used by almost all craft bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the US. Join the chocolate making revolution!

This machine is 4 years old, but with a new drum and rollers, the part that determine the quality of the chocolate. It can grind cacao nibs, sugar and optionally cocoa butter and vanilla to finished chocolate in the standard 2-5 days depending on batch size and cocoa butter content. We are selling this unit as we've outgrown it.

The unit is 240 V 3-phase but comes with a 240 V 1-phase to 3-phase frequency converter to change the motor speed for best chocolate grinding. So the machine requires a 240 V 1-phase 8 amp power to run. The machine is all stainless steel & stone externally.

Included in the shipment are:
• Tilting grinder base with motor, gearbox, and belts.
• New grinder drum and stone rollers.
• Frequency converter for variable speed operation with multiple displays of speed (Hz), power draw (amps), and runtime.
• Dongle on 6-ft cord with start, stop, and emergency stop buttons.

Shipping from Oahu, Hawaii to other islands is around $100 and the US mainland can range from $500-900 depending on location. This machine weighs 600 lbs and is 36" x 36" x 61".

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Alek Dabo
12/14/15 05:05:14PM
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Hello Nat,

I am interested in the ECGC-65 because we want to start producing chocolate in Haiti. However we are centralizing the equipment in Miami, so the shipping would be to Miami. How many of these did you / do yo have? Does you mdel have a chain ( what type) or a belt? You say you've change the stones already. Does the bottom stone slab get thinner as well? What model are you buying to replace that one?

Could you contact me at for further details. Thank you very much

Alain d'Aboville
Fine Chocolates
mariano garcia
12/27/15 03:30:25PM
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Hi Nat,  im interesting, you can send me a machine to miamia. i need the price, send me email to




Deanna Moore
03/22/16 02:04:23PM
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Hello, I'm interested in this grinder. We're located in San Diego, CA. Please respond to Thanks!

12/19/16 02:48:55PM
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is this machine still availlable by any chance??

Preston Stewart
12/29/16 12:14:52AM
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Still available?

01/11/17 05:41:48AM
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It is still available if interested @preston-stewart & @ruth

04/21/17 12:58:05PM
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Hi There!

Could you email me the price you are asking? Thanks!




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