F/S - Dedy mini moulding machine with vibration table - Belgium (Oudenaarde near Ghent)

Jonas Hoekman
01/13/17 04:22:57AM
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Dedy mini moulding machine for sale in good condition. 
This is a table model which can handle around 23 kg of chocolate and in this offer the vibration table is included.
The machine is build in 2010 and you can find more information on http://www.dedy.de/en/products/covering-with-choclate-and-moulding/dedy-mini-moulding-machine/ and http://www.dedy.de/en/products/covering-with-choclate-and-moulding/dedy-vibrating-table/

Good for making bars and hollow figures. 

The machine is directly available for pickup after payment or payment with a bank cheque is also possible on pick up. 

The price I would like to have is 2950 euro excluding 21% VAT. 
The new price is 3500 euro for the mini moulding machine and 800 euro for the vibration table so total 4300 euro new price.

Dedy-wielmachine (1).jpg

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