F/S - Selmi One 12KG Continuous Tempering Machine in Excellent Conditions (only 2 years old) - Sydney, Australia

01/17/17 07:36:23PM
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Selma One 12KG Continuous Tempering Machine in Excellent Condition - Only 2 Year Old - Sydney, Australia

We are selling our first much loved Selmi One automatic tempering machine. We have just upgraded to a larger temperer in our Sydney based chocolate factory and have no need for this one anymore. It will make a fine addition to a small chocolate factory or patisserie. When we first got it, it changed our lives! It has been taken very well care of and is in excellent condition. 

Selmi One 12KG continuous automatic tempering machine in excellent condition and only 2 years old (bought from new - cost $15,950 all in). We are selling it for $11,995 (inc GST).

Fast melting and tempering of chocolate. Low voltage heated vibrating table. Easy cleaning of the machine. Volumetric dispenser, pedal to control the flow of chocolate. Close circuit cooling system with countercurrent exchanger.

- Compact size
- Ideal for small chocolate makers, bakers, ice cream parlours and restaurants.
- Tempers 12 Kg of chocolate in 7 minutes.
- Lower energy consumption
- Tank capacity: 12 Kg.
- Hourly production rate: 55 Kg.

Dimensions: h. 1470, I. 380, p. 730 mm.
of vibrating table included: l. 670 mm
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