SOLD F/S 2 TECHNOMAC Chocolate Humidity Controlled Cabinets - NV

Jean-Marie Auboine
01/17/17 10:47:56PM
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For Sale 2 like New Chocolate Temperature and Humidity Control cabinets.

Technomac Brand Italy is one of the most recognized and quality equipments in Europe.

These cabinets are the perfect equipment for any Chocolatier.

Large size can contain 50 sheet pan on each. European size.

Sold with 100 aluminum sheet pan.

Can be used as refrigerator or Chocolate Cabinet. Alarm programable. Different Programs.

Owner Manuals on hands.

Works on 220V single phase.

Lightly used and they are like new. Working perfectly.

Selling because we need some space for larger equipments.

We can palletize and help for shipping.

$7,000 per unit OBO

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