SOLD F/S - 2x Selmi One Tempering Machines - Queens, NY

01/24/17 06:36:03AM
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Our company is moving into another production facility that already has ample chocolate production equipment in place. We are selling all of our own equipment and it is available for local pickup after 2/20/2017. Check out the other postings for the other equipment that's available.  

2x Selmi One
Tank capacity: 26.5lbs. Perfect for smaller operations.
purchased new in 2009. great condition and well maintained. 
3-phase machine
Reg price: $8,995 - selling for $5,250 each

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cedric barberet
01/28/17 06:11:21PM
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do you still have the semi one?

if so do you ship in pa 3h of NY ? and are those machine fully automatic?

thank you



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