SOLD F/S - Commercial 2-Door Roll-in Refrigerator - Queens, NY

01/24/17 06:42:14AM
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Our company is moving into another production facility that already has ample chocolate production equipment in place. We are selling all of our own equipment and it is available for local pickup after 2/20/2017. Check out the other postings for the other equipment that's available. 

Norlake 2-Door Roll-in Refrigerator
new price $6,000, selling for $2,200 incl. racks
purchased in 2012
great condition
clean inside and outside
currently used for chocolate cooling
59.5" (w) x 71" (h) x 31(d)
Top Mount Compressor
stainless steel interior and exterior
NSF and UL listed

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IMG_3726.JPG.jpg  •  524KB

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Mr. Brian Wallace
04/18/17 04:05:10PM
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Is this still available?


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