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02/07/17 04:17:45PM
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Digital scale for weighing boxes of chocolate or any type of candy. Asking $75

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texture issues - size of the machine factor
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Posted a response to "Dry Well Bain-Marie"
" mitch: You may be interested in Clay's post: https://www.thechocolatelife.com/clay/group_discuss/662/20kg-diy-chocolate-melter-for-about-200..."
Dario M. Agesilao
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Posted a response to "Cannabis Infused Bob Bon Filling"
"first it dependes a lot on the oil you are using, supposing you are making the oil, it changes a lot depending on the flowers you use, and also on..."
Isaac Ekblad
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Posted a response to "F/S Selmi Chocolate Equipment"
"Hey! If this is still available, I'm interested. I live a few hours north of you. Email me at isaacekblad at gmail.com"
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Posted a response to "Forastero fermentation advice for beginner"
"Thanks Clay for the advice. We're in East Africa. Nearest laboratory is a couple days a way and I think very unlikely we'd be able to use a..."
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