SOLD F/S - Cocoatown ECGC12SLTA / Behmor 1600 Plus / Sylph Winnower&Vac / SS Crankenstein - San Diego

05/16/17 01:21:04AM
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All equipment for sale in great shape, and priced at about 1/2 retail.

Cocoatown grinder used 10 times at most, with ss drum (used once) and 2nd drum with loose center pin.  $300

Behmor 1600 Plus used 10-15 times $200

Sylph Winnower $125, include Micro shop vac - add $25

Stainless steel Crankenstein: $125

Add UPS shipping from San Diego or local pickup.

If interested email

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05/17/17 11:14:05PM
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Hi Jens,

ss drum refers to the grinder's stainless steel grinding drum.

I can send you more photo's if you give me your email address.



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