F/S - Used GAMI T400d Tempering Machine + TR300-4 Enrobing/Cooling Tunnel - Oakland

Kristian Salvesen
05/18/17 04:16:01PM
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Gami T400e Continuous Tempering machine with 25kg capacity. Machine is equipped with flow-stopping foot pedal, programmable dosing system and heated vibrating table.

Tempering machine is combined with a
Gami TR300-4 Cooling Tunnel with an enrobing attachment.
Cooling Tunnel length is 4 meters
Belt Width is 300mm

Power supply for both machines are: 208V/3-Phase 20Amps

Machines are from 2007

05/19/17 12:11:51AM
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I'm also in Oakland. Can I come see this?

05/19/17 10:15:05AM
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I'm local and interested. Can you contact me at drwallingjr @ gmail.com with pricing and viewing info.

Kristian Salvesen
05/19/17 12:34:46PM
6 posts

@paul2 email me at kristian @ nuttyness.com and we can set up a time for you to come see it.

05/21/17 07:04:15PM
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What is the price for units?

Kristian Salvesen
05/23/17 11:39:10AM
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@johnnyd The price is $25,000 OBO for both together


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