Looking for shovel mold

Mickey Miller
03/08/17 11:57:52AM
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I'm looking for a chocolate mold of a small shovel.  I've seen the finished piece on numerous promotional item websites, but have looked through all the typical places I search for molds and am coming up with nothing.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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Sue foster
03/08/17 01:19:46PM
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We make chocolate molds. You supply the graphics and we can make the molds. If interested email me at sue@sasquatchchocolate.com

Mickey Miller
03/08/17 02:25:07PM
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Thanks, Sue.  I have had several custom molds created and will add you to my list of vendors.  My thought on this particular one, however, was that because there are so many promotional companies using it, it may be a mold I can purchase.

04/18/17 11:40:29PM
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thanks sue. ;)


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