Dry Well Bain-Marie

03/21/17 10:19:13AM
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Hi all is it possible to use an ordinary commercial "Dry Well Bain-Marie" for melting and holding chocolate to temperature. If NOT why not?

Many thanks in advance

04/18/17 11:39:10PM
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wow, this is awesome. thank you so much

04/23/17 11:47:00PM
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thank you so much mitch <3


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Tao Watts
@tao-watts • 3 hours ago • comments: 1
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"Please send me your personal email address to send information to.  Please send to info@samaritanxocolata.com   I will put you in touch with Brian, who..."
Alex Elf
@alex-elf • 8 hours ago • comments: 0
Posted a response to "For Sale: Raw Cacao Beans from Costa Rica's Southern Zone"
"Hi. Send me please your price and possible options for delivery to Europe 25 kg beans for tests. Thank you for attention. Aleks."
Preston Stewart
@preston-stewart • yesterday • comments: 0
Posted a response to "FBM Unica and other equipment for sale..."
"What are the details on the micrometer?  Also, can you explain how you had the thermostat converted?"
@isabella • 2 days ago • comments: 0
kapil jain
kapil jain
Clay Gordon
@clay • 3 days ago • comments: 371
Posted a new Comment on @clay:
"Sheila -  I am partial to FBM's equipment on a price/performance basis. I as you also expressed interest in consulting services, I will be in touch via..."