F/S - 10 Heart Shaped Chocolate Molds, Rigid Polycarbonate CW2348 - Oakland

Kristian Salvesen
05/19/17 01:21:22PM
6 posts

Professional, high quality Chocolate World polycarbonate heart shaped mold. Lightly used.

Dimensions of Individual Mold: 33 x 34 x 17 mm

24 Cavities or 4 x 6 rows

weight per piece: 14 gr

Size of Frame: 275 x 175 x 24 mm

$150 + shipping
Sweet Impact Mama
05/20/17 04:37:29PM
14 posts

Hi there! Are you willing to break this lot up? I already have 2 of these and LOVE them, but don't need that many. I'd be interested in 4 or 5 of them. 

Kristian Salvesen
05/22/17 10:44:49AM
6 posts

I would prefer to sell them all at once but would be willing to break them up into two lots of 5 each.


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