UPDATED: F/S 2, 65kg Rottar Grinders

UPDATED: F/S 2, 65kg Rottar Grinders

Located in Santa Cruz, CA. Prices do not include shipping.

The asking price was updated on Monday, March 18th, 2024. The new price is $12,500 each with a discount if both are purchased by the same customer.

In as-new condition (never used in production), these two Rottar Grinders (aka melangers, melangeurs) were recently uncrated to ensure they are in perfect working condition.

Rottar Grinders are the only grinders on the market designed by an award-winning craft chocolate maker – Sam Ratto of Videri Chocolate – responding to the shortcomings of repurposed imported wet grinders he used to make his chocolate.

Manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina, the 65kg workhorse size is no longer being produced, making these machines something of a sought-after collector’s item. They are a perfect choice to complement your existing Rottar Grinders or to expand your production capability with a machine proven to perform, day-in, day-out, batch after batch, for years.


Click to visit the Rottar website for more info.

Asking Price UPDATED

Priced to sell: US$12,500 each, crated ready to ship; discounted for a buyer purchasing both, ask the seller.

Original purchase price $25,000 ea.

Are you interested in either or both?

Contact the seller, Christopher, at +(1) 470.698.4546.


All transactions are between the buyer and the seller and TheChocolateLife assumes no liability of any kind for incorrect information and/or incomplete transactions, for any reason.

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