TCL LIVE | AskTCL: Ceremonial Cacao & Cacao Ceremonies

TCL LIVE | AskTCL: Ceremonial Cacao & Cacao Ceremonies

Episode 135 of #TheChocolateLifeLIVE is LIVE from 10:00 AM PDT / 1:00 PM EDT on Tuesday, September 26th.

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Episode Overview

A ChocolateLife member recently asked:

“I was talking with a friend, and the topic of Ceremonial Cacao came up. When I dug into what Ceremonial Cacao is, there are about 10 million explanations as to what Ceremonial Cacao actually is. Maybe a topic for discussion on a TCL episode?”

A related question is one that occurred to me back in 2005 when I was on the University of Chocolate trip organized by Pierrick Chouard of Vintage Chocolates. While in Ecuador I was looking for iconography of cacao that might connect to pre-Hispanic times. By this time I was very familiar with the work of Sophie and Michael Coe in their book The True History of Chocolate (« Amazon affiliate link) and the connection to Mayan creation mythology and Aztec religious practices.

Spoiler Alert: I found none. Also on that 2005 trip I participated in an ayahuasca ceremony, one of two such experiences I have participated in.

One question that has remained with me since that 2005 trip and a trip to Soconusco in Chiapas state in Mexico in 2006 is the question of whether or not there was any religious or creation myth connection in South America where cacao (is now known to have) originated. We know that Maya culture, and perhaps also the pre-Maya Olmec and Toltec cultures, incorporated cacao into their creation myths, and that cacao was important in Aztec society, but perhaps in different ways. But, are there any religious connections among the Mayo Chinchipe Marañon people in Ecuador a thousand years and more before the Maya?

What we have seen, with the rise of craft chocolate making around the world is an interest in ceremonial cacao and cacao ceremonies. But – to what extent can these modern interpretations be considered “authentic” or “genuine”? What makes ceremonial cacao ceremonial?

In this episode of TheChocolateLifeLIVE, we take a look and hope to reach some conclusions if not some clarity.

The Power of Cacao: The Latest Trend in New-Age Consumer Spirituality
Cacao ceremonies are the latest trend in spiritual tourism. If they’re so new, can they be called cultural appropriation? The answer is...complicated.

Read this article before you continue exploring the other resources that are linked here.

History and Religion

The Sacred Relationship Between Chocolate and Religion
The Sacred Relationship Between Chocolate and Religion

Before we begin in earnest: vetting sources: A Cautionary Tale of Dating.

A Brief History of Chocolate
Uncover the bittersweet story of this ancient treat and watch a video

Location, Location, Location, TIMING.

Cacao in Ancient Maya Religion
The importance of cacao/chocolate in ancient Maya religion
What Is Ceremonial Cacao & What Makes It “Ceremonial”?
Explore the benefits behind the rising practice of cacao ceremonies
The ancient civilisation that discovered chocolate – BBC REEL
Contrary to popular belief, chocolate was not first enjoyed by the Europeans, nor by the ancient Mayans. A team of scientists discovered cacao remains in the…
Chocolate as a Religion
The Spirituality Surrounding Cocoa in Ancient Maya
The Theology of Chocolate
Divinely Delicious: Chocolate and Religion - Chocopedia - Cocoa Runners
Chocolate has been intertwined with religion since its discovery in prehistoric Mesoamerica. Find out more about chocolate’s godly history!
Gift of the Gods: Chocolate in the Aztec Empire - Chocopedia - Cocoa Runners
Did the Aztecs invent chocolate? Cocoa was precious in the Aztec Empire, used for everything from medicine to currency & religious rituals!

New light on the use of Theobroma cacao by Late Classic Maya

Video Resources on Ceremonial Cacao and Cacao Ceremonies

Discover True Ceremonial Cacao from Guatemala
What is ceremonial cacao & how is it made? Meet the indigenous collective Chinimital del Ka’kaw, as they tell us about the sacred and millenary tradition of…
How to Prepare Ceremonial Cacao — by Florencia Fridman from Cacao Laboratory
Join Cacao Lab’s Florencia Fridman as she teaches us how to prepare ceremonial Cacao the traditional way, as the elders taught her. Using a few simple tools…
Cacao: Food of the Gods - a film about the origin of cacao ceremonies
This film addresses some of the fundamental questions about ceremonial cacao from the perspective of Maya Tzutujil tribe in Guatemala. Nana Marina And Tata P…
How Ceremonial Grade CACAO changed my life! | What is ceremonial cacao?
Ceremonial cacao is a gentle yet potent plant medicine helping you to access your subconscious and process emotions. In this video, I share what can be possi…

A self-aware definition for what ceremonial-grade cacao is.

What is a cacao ceremony ? Understanding the origins of ceremonial cacao (English version)
For the indigenous tribes of South and Central America cacao represents the blood of the ancestors and is a sacred plant that opens the heart and awakens the…
Cacao Ceremony: Recipe, Ritual and Q&A
Instagram ✨- ✨- https://www.carolina-arevalo.comOnline Course “Rituals Around Creativity” ✨- https://www.rit…
Cacao Ceremony Guided by Amaruanka. Opening The Sacred Heart.
|| Sacred Cacao Ceremony amaruanka.comRelax to the bone with block therapy myofascial release #cacaosong #cacaoceremony
What is Ceremonial Cacao @Chernandez5c and Cacao Magick
Mini documentary about Ceremonial Cacao Cacao Magick is made with intention from our hearts to yours. We work with Mayan women’s collecti…
What is a cacao ceremony ? Understanding the origins of ceremonial cacao (English version)
For the indigenous tribes of South and Central America cacao represents the blood of the ancestors and is a sacred plant that opens the heart and awakens the…
Making Cacao Beans into Cacao Paste ~ Ceremonial Cacao
Living on a Farm in the middle of nowhere.... I ran out of Cacao Paste for Ceremony...Feeling inspired by The Mayan Cacao Lineages that i honour deeply... I…
Meet The Shaman Using Ancient Chocolate Rituals To Revive Mayan Traditions
#Cacao #MayanTraditions Cacao has been a spiritual symbol for Indigenous people in Central America for thousands of years. When the modern chocolate industry…
“Ceremonia de Cacao”. Mensaje de los Abuelos y Guardianes Mayas del Sagrado Cacao.
Llamado amoroso a quienes realizan y participan en Ceremonias de Cacao por parte los Abuelos Guardianes y Cuidadores del Sagrado Cacao, de la Espritualidad y…

In Spanish

La Malinche Ceremonia de Cacao. (Videoclip oficial) #mujermedicina #rototom2019 #cancionmedicina
La Malinche Artista polifacética y mujer medicina, portadora de la voz ancestral de su México, te lleva a la raíz, te acerca a la tierra.Suscríbete al canal:…
Cacao Spirit Song
This song is based on the prayer that we say to bless our chocolate.Source of life, Source of love, Source of happiness!With Lovechock
What Happens In A Cacao Ceremony & How to Prepare Ceremonial Cacao
Are you curious to know What Happens In A Cacao Ceremony ? Are you looking for inspiration for a sacred cacao ritual and / or cacao recipe? In this video we…
David Wolfe’s Cacao Ceremony - Invoking The Cacao God - The Good Life Guide Amsterdam ILTV - InLivin’® - The Good Life Guide AmsterdamInternationally known Superfood-guru David Wolfe is one of the main reasons people know about r…

The Jaguar and the Cacao Tree

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