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Ruth Atkinson Kendrick


Posted On:  Friday May 29 2015, 10:53 AM
Posted In: Geek Gear - Cool Tools
Last Updated By: @Ruth Atkinson Kendrick

I just returned from a week in D. C. at a chocolate workshop. We had the opportunity of learning from Mark Heim. What vast knowledge he has. One of the new toys we played with is the EZtemper. It is…
Annmarie Kostyk

What to do about To'ak Chocolate?

Posted On:  Friday May 29 2015, 12:43 AM
Posted In: Opinion
Last Updated By: @Channy

Okay my chocolate experts, what to do about To'ak Chocolate ( https://toakchocolate.com ). It has finally happened where someone is claiming to be something they are not in the bean to bar world.…
Mateusz Wesolowski

Chocolate wrappers collector from...

Posted On:  Tuesday May 26 2015, 5:28 AM
Posted In: Allow Me to Introduce Myself
Last Updated By: @Mateusz Wesolowski

Hi everyone! My name is Mateusz. I am chocolate enthusiast and collector of chocolate wrappers since I was a child. So far I've collected over 6,5 thousand different wrappers from 58 countries.…
Dom Ramsey

Bean to bar bitterness / astringency...

Posted On:  Sunday May 24 2015, 3:14 PM
Posted In: Tech Help, Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Last Updated By: @Sebastian

Hey guys I'm having an issue with my last few batches of bean-to-bar, made in a small 1.5kg Premier grinder. I had an issue with one batch of beans that produced a very intense bitter/astringent…

Looking to purchase three dimensional...

Posted On:  Saturday May 23 2015, 7:33 PM
Posted In: Where to Buy
Last Updated By: @BartBasi

Hi, I'm not sure how to be clear on what I'm looking for - we used to buy some chocolate from Christopher Norman; his pieces were large (3-4 bites per piece).  They were serious and beautiful and…


Vera Hofman
@vera-hofman • 50 minutes ago
Vera Hofman
@vera-hofman • 51 minutes ago
Vera Hofman
@vera-hofman • 51 minutes ago
Vera Hofman
@vera-hofman • 51 minutes ago
Vera Hofman
@vera-hofman • 52 minutes ago
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick
@ruth-atkinson-kendrick • 5 hours ago
@kerry • 6 hours ago
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I would like to share this blog post:Below were questions asked to me by Zy of The Filipino Lifestyle, I like to share my answers here. Hobbyist in Focus: Pete Rahon was the title of the article....

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Lynn Maleh is a friend of mine who's a foodie and a USC Graduate. She wrote this for "The Chocolate Life"on behalf of [Editor: Link to site deleted - obvious shilling for traffic to a...

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Thought the Chocolate Life people would want to know about this Ben and Jerry's contest with one prize being a trip to the Dominican Republic to visit cacao farmers! It ends May 26, 2009.

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If you look across the navigation tabs, you'll see that I have moved the search widget from the left-hand column after the Latest Activity section to its own page. I did this to speed up page...

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The chocolate enjoyed around the world today had its origins at least 3,100 years ago in Central America not as the sweet treat people now crave but as a celebratory beer-like beverage and status...

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Help...I'm new to chocolate. Have a Rev 2. Following instructions except for dark chocolate I raised the melting temp to 120 per Valrhona instructions. Wont release.What am I doing wrong. the only...

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Ualifi Tusieseina Taualii

Needed - Samoan Cocoa Farmer

I saw a blog entry a while back about a person in Samoa who had access to a supply of Samoan Cocoa beans. I started into the chocolate world in 1968 with a Hawaiian Candy Line "Hawaiian Mainland...

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A hammer and a modernly designed ruler are the protagonists of the sixteenth edition of the chocolate event, which will be one day longer than previous events.Break ranks!The military order that...

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Blommer Chocolate, North America's largest processor of cocoa beans and ingredient chocolate products, announced recently the expansion of the company's sustainable farming initiatives with a new...

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As I am writing you from INSIDE the factory ofThe Grenada Chocolate Company, one of the very first tree-to-barorganic chocolate cooperatives,I am trying not to get distracted by all the chocolate...

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