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Mr Bean

Mold suppliers in the USA

Posted On:  Friday May 22 2015, 8:33 AM
Posted In: Where to Buy
Last Updated By: @Mr Bean

My partner is flying off to Delaware (from the UK) at the end of May and while she is on holiday she wants to hunt for some new chocolate moulds as well. it would be good if we could find some…
Mark Allan

Real Milk, Milk Chocolate

Posted On:  Thursday May 21 2015, 10:29 PM
Posted In: Tech Help, Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Last Updated By: @Powell and Jones

Does anybody have any idea how you might make a milk chocolate using real milk, maybe even just evaporated milk? We've never been overly impressed with the recipes we've found online using powdered…
Ruth Atkinson Kendrick


Posted On:  Thursday May 21 2015, 8:14 PM
Posted In: Geek Gear - Cool Tools
Last Updated By: @Kerry

I just returned from a week in D. C. at a chocolate workshop. We had the opportunity of learning from Mark Heim. What vast knowledge he has. One of the new toys we played with is the EZtemper. It is…
Dorothy Rackley

Chocolate Courses - any updates?

Posted On:  Thursday May 21 2015, 7:04 PM
Posted In: Chocolate Education
Last Updated By: @Bob McWhirter

Hi everyone, I just posted this on the Startup Central Group, but realized it might work better on this forum. I want to introduce chocolates to my bakery and have taken a few chocolate making…
Evan  Langendorf

Next level production!

Posted On:  Wednesday May 20 2015, 8:24 PM
Posted In: Geek Gear - Cool Tools
Last Updated By: @Evan Langendorf

So the time has come for me to step up production. I have been using the ECGC 12-SL from Cocoatown and tempering by hand. The bars have been great but the machine is not fit for this leve of…


Mr Bean
@mr-bean • 40 minutes ago
Powell and Jones
@powell-and-jones • 10 hours ago
@peter3 • 11 hours ago
@kerry • 12 hours ago
Bob McWhirter
@bob-mcwhirter • 14 hours ago
Alkymi Chocolate
@alkymi-chocolate • 14 hours ago
Vera Hofman
@vera-hofman • 16 hours ago
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Ualifi Tusieseina Taualii

Needed - Samoan Cocoa Farmer

I saw a blog entry a while back about a person in Samoa who had access to a supply of Samoan Cocoa beans. I started into the chocolate world in 1968 with a Hawaiian Candy Line "Hawaiian Mainland...

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A hammer and a modernly designed ruler are the protagonists of the sixteenth edition of the chocolate event, which will be one day longer than previous events.Break ranks!The military order that...

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Blommer Chocolate, North America's largest processor of cocoa beans and ingredient chocolate products, announced recently the expansion of the company's sustainable farming initiatives with a new...

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As I am writing you from INSIDE the factory ofThe Grenada Chocolate Company, one of the very first tree-to-barorganic chocolate cooperatives,I am trying not to get distracted by all the chocolate...

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PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEOn February 27, 2012, at 6:00 a.m. PST, MDP Signature Chocolates launched its Kickstarter Project...

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Please inform yourself properly. Don't forget, El Ceibo brand is owned by the cooperative 100% not an individual person. Thank you, for the respect of the cocoa producers of El Ceibo - Bolivia.

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Chocolate isn't a food but an Experience, Few words evoke the emotional enthusiasm which people feel toward chocolate. It has a treasured place in our personal collection of memories - the Easter...

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For those who are wondering how on earth one could write three entries in a blog about Belgium and not go into detail on chocolate Heres what youve been waiting for!Actually, Belgium rarely gets...

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Davis Chocolate

Close the Loop on Sustainability

If you give a kid a candy bar, he enjoys it for a moment. If you give cocoa mulch to the Unity Gardens in South Bend, you enrich the whole community. For several years, Davis Chocolate™ in...

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Bacon Freak Needs "YOUR" Original Bacon Recipes To Be Featured In Our Bacon Freak Cook Book!Submission Deadline: 15 AugustWe are currently in the process of preparing to publish our very own Bacon...

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